Welcome to KierWSP

KierWSP combines the strengths of Kier, an infrastructure services company and WSP, the design, engineering and management consultancy, to deliver integrated local government services across the UK.

KierWSP works in partnership to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers. Our mission is to contribute significantly to highways infrastructure and to support its success and growth. By harnessing skills from both parent companies KierWSP provides a solution in footway and highway maintenance, structures, road design and project management within the highways sector.

Our aim is to provide the very best value for money, with all business activities based on thorough research making sure that we stay ahead of the communities ever changing needs and high expectations.

We believe that, by working in partnership ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ our clients, far more can be achieved together. We have a very strong belief in our Vision and Values and ensure that all our employees believe in them and strive to achieve them.