KierWSP is actively involved in the community and recognise that, as a company, we do not operate in isolation but are part of the broader community. We aim to be a good neighbour and to contribute to the long-term benefit of our communities through the work we do.

KierWSP current community programme focuses on delivering initiatives that engage our team members and impact the communities in which they live and work.

By investing in our people we can unlock their potential and encourage them to make a real difference in their local communities.

We are aware that Northamptonshire’s roads need total dedication of time and effort and working on behalf of the county council, KierWSP are delighted to be able to invest in something that people really value.

A key aim will be to address the real day to day problems the public face with uneven roads and potholes rather than expenditure on major projects. By working closely with councillors and using local knowledge this contract will mean that that budget is used where it is most needed. KierWSP will work in partnership with the community, businesses and other public authorities to ensure the programmes are successful and make a real difference to people’s lives.

It is certainly impossible to revitalise the entire roadway network all at once. However, the objective is to continue moving in the right direction with minimum disruption, while simultaneously increasing the volume of roadway repairs and improvements. We will provide both ends of the service from design to delivery and we want you, the public, to see a different approach in the proportion of works we do and improvements in the maintenance that we deliver.

There will doubtless be challenges ahead but we are totally focused on delivering a first class service to the council and people living and traveling in the county.

This new contract comes at a time when the redevelopment and regeneration of Northamptonshire is top of the agenda and visible throughout the county. With the county recognised as a prime location for growth and investment from both the public and private sector, the maintenance of the system is of real importance. A great highway network will work hand in hand with plans to encourage the development of existing and new industry and commerce in the county and will be needed to cope with the expected growth in population.

KierWSP will play a key role in the development of highways programmes and projects. The contract will look to develop and bring forward innovations in highways management using all the latest technology to secure the best value for money. Ensuring our customers get the best possible service will be the key driver for the new contract.