Health and Safety

Our commitment to health and safety is set out in our Health and Safety Policy Statement:

Our Board of Directors provide leadership in health and safety. Each operating company has a nominated Director who takes primary responsibility for the implementation of safe and healthy work practices. We clearly define health and safety responsibilities for our staff and provide the necessary financial and physical resources to achieve these objectives. From the starting point of the highest level of commitment our management approach to health and safety is based around three focus areas:

  • Our People
  • Our projects
  • Our Premises

Top priority

  • Ensuring the health and safety of our workers and the public;
  • We aim to minimise accidents and incidents and operate a ‘no blame’ culture;
  • to ensure any occurrences are reported so we can learn by mistakes and improve;

We believe that effective management of health and safety:

  • is vital to employee well-being;
  • has a role to play in enhancing the reputation of businesses and helping to achieve high-performance teams;
  • is financially beneficial to business;

Health & Safety Policy

View a full copy of our Health & Safety Policy