MAD is about the choices people make – not just at work, but also in their day to day lives.
MAD was developed in-house by May Gurney’s BISHE team after the company’s safety statistics leveled out – in line with what happens in other construction companies. The team knew it needed to tackle a barrier to further improve safety performance.

MAD is based on understanding how the human mind works – how ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ actions impact on behaviour.

While most people understand that human beings consciously take risks, it comes as a surprise to many to learn that we all spend a proportion of every hour in alpha sleep (on ‘autopilot’). Everyone can probably think of occasions when time and circumstances passed them by – in a meeting, while driving, or watching television, for example.

MAD explains that most avoidable incidents occur when an individual consciously (deliberately) or unconsciously (while on autopilot) chooses to do the wrong thing.

The programme encourages and empowers people to do the right things by taking three simple actions – do it themselves (Lead by example), help others (Walk over), and think prior to acting (Take 10).