MAD Environment

The new ‘MAD Environment’ module is the most recent development. It is designed to improve KierWSP’s environmental performance and focuses on the three areas of ecology, waste and pollution.

The MAD team exudes enthusiasm and passion for the project. MAD Environment is about changing the way people think and act – not just at work, but also in their day to day lives

Is about creating awareness and empowering people to take action – giving them the confidence to speak up and intervene if they see something happening that they know is dangerous, wasteful or potentially damaging to the environment.

Spectacular success

The BISHE team has developed a formula to measure environmental performance in much the same way as safety performance.

Environmental incidents are classified as ‘minor’ or ‘major’, and accrue one or 10 points respectively. As with the AFR (Accident Frequency Rate) calculation, this measure utilises the number of hours worked to ensure the result remains reliable as the company grows.

Contribution to society

If we can eliminate pollution and adverse effects on ecology, and minimise waste, we will be making a wonderful contribution to society.

The main message is simple – it’s our environment, where we work and where our families live. By being more aware of the choices we’re already making in this area, we can really make a difference. Furthermore, people choosing to take the right action will ensure that the company complies with the law and will also reduce costs.