MAD Safety

MAD SafetyKierWSP wants to reduce its AFR (Accident Frequency Rate) year on year. The company’s vision requires its people to passionately strive to be the best – and as such something special was required to accelerate the improvement. That’s why the MAD behavioural safety programme was developed and introduced.

Long-term programme

MAD is a long-term repeating programme based on the notion that ‘practice only makes perfect if you practice the right things’. The programme is now the central tool to achieve an AFR of under 0.20 by 2009 – along with the associated gains in employee well-being and retention, productivity and legal compliance that this will deliver.

KierWSP does not distinguish between its direct employed labour and sub contractors. All have equal status on site, receive the same briefings and are included in the MAD sessions. And all are included in the company’s AFR calculations.

Spectacular success

Since its introduction, MAD has helped the company achieve spectacular success in reducing accident rates and improving safety performance.