Transforming the way traffic and roadworks disruptions are communicated is the national roadworks portal for England and Wales, displaying information about all current and planned works. The definitive information source for the public and streetworks and traffic management professionals.

Northamptonshire Highways KierWSP uses this site to show our works and diversions along with the utility companies carrying out works in the county. is a unique, authoritative information resource for the public and the primary tool for streetworks and traffic management professionals. It enables better coordination and planning of activities that cause disruption to traffic and residents, helps reduce congestion and keeps the public informed, while reducing costs for public bodies.

“ has become the primary means of accessing current roadworks information.”

Socitm Better Connected Report 2014

Before there was no means of accessing roadworks and related traffic disruption information across England and Wales.  Elgin occupies a unique position bridging the gap between the national highways agencies and local highway authorities, providing web based solutions and data services to join up intelligence across both networks and a web based hub displaying everything on one map at

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