April 2008
April 2008 marked a real change in the way that Northamptonshire’s roads are managed with the new eight year County Council highway services contract going live.

Everyone is acutely aware that Northamptonshire’s roads need total dedication of time and effort, and working on behalf of the county council KierWSP are delighted to be able to invest in something that people really value.

A key aim is to address the real day to day problems people face with uneven roads and potholes rather than expenditure on major projects. By working closely with councillors and using local knowledge this contract will mean that budget is used where it is most needed. KierWSP works in partnership with the community, businesses and other public authorities to ensure the programmes are successful and make a real difference to people’s lives.

It is certainly impossible to revitalise the entire roadway network all at once. However, the objective is to continue moving it in the right direction with minimum disruption, while simultaneously increasing the volume of roadway repairs and improvements.

The redevelopment and regeneration of Northamptonshire is top of the agenda and visible throughout the county. With the county recognised as a prime location for growth and investment from both the public and private sector, the maintenance of the system is of real importance. A great highway network will work hand in hand with plans to encourage the development of existing new industry and commerce in the county and will be needed to cope with the expected growth in population.

Under the long-term contract, which includes the provision of corporate services, consultancy and operational delivery, KierWSP Northamptonshire Highways are responsible for maintaining more than 4,000km of roads across Northamptonshire. The contract has an approximate value of £500 million over the next eight years, with a potential four year extension.

June 2013
Northamptonshire County Council and KierWSP have been reviewing the way our services are delivered.

In response to the Comprehensive Spending Review, and cuts continuing to be put on the Council, we have
been working to redesign services and find new ways of working with the aim of achieving the necessary budget reductions without having to cut or reduce front line services and instead aim to deliver the same levels of service through an integrated working arrangements which facilitate greater opportunities for efficiencies.

These pressures are not new and over the last 3 years we have successfully achieved significant savings of
in excess of £13million. Throughout this time the overarching vision has been to move progressively closer
towards a smaller and more enabling Authority, whilst making the required further savings over the next four years.

Northamptonshire County Council have now taken the next step to implement major changes in the way
highways and transport services are delivered and strengthening their already innovative partnership with

Northamptonshire Highways has operated on a trial basis since July 2012, delivering routine highways and
transport activities as well as major projects such as the A43 Corby Link Road and St John’s, Northampton.

Following this robust trialling and Cabinet approval in December 2012, the commissioning and delivery of the
Highways and Transport service in the County will now be provided under the banner of Northamptonshire

On April 2nd 2013 the highways and transport services and staff transferred to the council’s current service
provider KierWSP. Approximately 350 County Council staff successfully transferred to KierWSP to ensure we
continue with the right skills to deliver the services expected in the County. KierWSP will operate as part on
an integrated team, not separate, to deliver the service, bringing about efficiencies with a target saving of
circa £3 million by 2014/2015.

The Council have retained a small, in house core of county council highways and transport experts who will
carry out contract management to ensure compliance, implement policies and effectively commission
services while ensuring statutory obligations are maintained. The officers combine a wide knowledge of their
sector with strong negotiating skills and commercial awareness.

The continuity of the services is our main concern and road and transport users in the County will not be
affected by these changes.

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