Wellingborough to Northampton Improvements- Barnes Meadow Aug 2010-Mar 2011

What’s happening?

Northamptonshire County Council was recently awarded resources from a Central Government fund to spend on transport improvements between Wellingborough and Northampton aimed at encouraging people to travel by more sustainable modes of transport.

Although not a bus scheme, the project is targeted to reduce journey times for general traffic and buses by reducing congestion through the Barnes Meadow Interchange. Existing traffic signal settings at key junctions within Northampton and Wellingborough will also be improved to better control the traffic flow and improve traffic capacity.

Board 1 shows the proposed routes from Wellingborough to Northampton with all the key junction locations (Junction 1-8):

Board 1

What are the proposals?

Barnes Meadow Interchange

On this junction there will be significant highway improvements to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow during peak hours. The improvements will help to ease congestion for traffic getting into the town centre from the A45 (M1), A45 from Wellingborough, A428 Bedford Road and Rushmere Road and improve traffic flow at the junction due to widening of the carriageway.

Board 2 shows the proposed changes to Barnes Meadow:

Board 2

There will also be introduction of new traffic light signals at Rushmere Road to allow traffic on Rushmere Road to be able to join the roundabout, improve traffic flow, safety and reduce congestion on Rushmere Road during peak hour traffic flow.

High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV) will give priority to car sharers travelling from Wellingborough via the A45 and heading towards Northampton town centre.

Existing traffic signal systems at the roundabout will be improved to modern traffic signal system to operate efficiently and reduce delays during peak hour traffic.

Junction Improvements

Other improvements will be implemented at key junctions in Wellingborough and Northampton as shown in Board 1.  These improvements will involve upgrades to traffic lights and the introduction of new road markings for better use of road space.

  • Junction 1: Northampton Road/Kingsway/Queensway junction
  • Junction 2: A4500/B573 Northampton Road junction
  • Junction 3: Barnes Meadow Interchange
  • Junction 4: Bedford Road/Cliftonville Road junction
  • Junction 5: Hospital Access Road junction
  • Junction 6: Cliftonville Road/Cliftonville Road junction
  • Junction 7: Cliftonville Road/Billing Road junction
  • Junction 8: Wellingborough Road/St Edmund Street junction

Board 3 shows Cliftonville Road / Bedford Road improvements

Board 3

Board 4

When is it happening?

Works are programmed to start in August 2010 and are due to be completed by March 2011.

How will it affect you?

Traffic Management for Motorists

We aim to keep the delays and congestion to a minimum level by ensuring our contractors work, whilst maintaining the existing numbers of lanes during peak hours.  This will be accommodated by temporary construction and permitting narrow lane widths.

Specified operations where traffic would be severely disrupted will only be permitted at weekends, during evenings and overnight.


A short length of footpath to the existing bridge will be affected by our works.  During this time clearly signed diversion will be in place.

Further information

Prior to us starting on site, new traffic and pedestrian travel arrangements will be posted on this website.  This information will inform all road users of any proposed changes to operation of the roundabout and any temporary arrangements needed for these improvements to take place.

We will also be providing contact details should you have any queries or comments.

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