Community Enhancement Gangs

Community Enhancement Gangs –  How can we help?

Calling all Parish Clerks.

KierWSP Community Enhancement Gangs. We want to give parishes more control regarding minor improvement and safety works that could be done to improve appearances around  villages.

We will, of course, still be highly visible carrying out our highways and footways work, but these gangs will be available to address works that are not normally considered as part of our program, but will be of importance to all the residents in the area.

A good deal of the work that we do is part of a programme but, occasionally, issues can occur quickly as the weather improves or not be addressed due to parked cars and lack of access. This is where the gangs can really help. Parishes across Northamptonshire benefit from works like sign cleaning, improving and refurbishing of village seating and the bus shelters and overgrowth being cut back. Other works may include the repairs to signs, clearing of vegetation, kerb repairs, strimming, painting of bollards or aesthetic works.

The gangs carry hand tools and small amounts of materials and are available for one day.

All we need from you are your requests. How could you best use our resource?

The types of works Community Enhancement Gangs are equipped to deal with include:

  • Siding out of footways
  • Cleaning of signs
  • Repairs to signs, refixing signs to posts and/or realignment of posts
  • Clearing of vegetation from signs and footways
  • Resetting slabs/block paving
  • Minor kerb repairs
  • Isolated gully cleansing, rodding of connections, and/or clearance of drainage grips
  • Strimming and clearance of small areas of verge
  • Painting of street furniture (bollards, etc)
  • Improvements to bus stops/shelters
  • Any other works that may enhance the aesthetic look of the parish

Once you have had a look around and determined what you would like doing please contact your Area Manager (listed below) and let them know. We will schedule the work in and let you know when we will be in your area.  If you would like to come and see us on the days we are working please feel free to do so.

We hope that, again, this year, you will take advantage of this service and that we can do all we can to help. By working with you we can achieve so much more and make a real, visible difference within your communities.

Ian Smith

Area Manager for Daventry and Kettering Districts.

Ciaran Murphy

Area Manager for East Northants and Corby Districts

Stuart Mann

Area Manager for South Northants and Northampton

Call 01604 883400 or email your Area Manager