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You are our ultimate customer and consultation with you is central to us being able to deliver the service you require and achieve the desired outcome of a scheme. As part of our commitment to working for you and finding out what can be improved we want to hear from you.
Street Doctor

If you have spotted a fault or problem anywhere on the highways network, be it a pothole, a broken drain, a hazardous pavement, a malfunctioning traffic signal or any other highways fault, please report the problem via Street Doctor

Street Doctor guarantees to inspect all reported faults and is the quickest route to a solution.

Please send us your general thoughts and feedback. We can’t promise to always reply, but we can promise to read every comment and to always take action when necessary. However, we do ask that you please refrain from using this form to report highways faults as we are able to deal with them much more efficiently via Street Doctor


Street Doctor – call 0300 126 1000