Our commitment to you

You are our ultimate customer and consultation with you is central to us being able to deliver the service you require and achieve the desired outcome of a scheme. As part of our commitment to working for you and finding out what can be improved we want to hear from you.

We know that one of the main causes of dissatisfaction with our work is not enough information. Often people are unaware of what we can do, when we are doing and it and why we need to do it.

If we provide the right level of information and are seen to be providing an efficient and effective service we hope that you will appreciate our service and what we do.

We want you to be more than satisfied with our work but to have a connection to KierWSP and feel that you can come to us with opinions and suggestions knowing that they will be considered and promptly responded to.

We want to provide a platform so that you can talk to us and we can use your insights and wants for the county’s roads and footways to develop and refine our service and how it is delivered.

Managing our relationship with you and our partnership image is an essential element to the success of this contract. The more we learn about how we are perceived the more we can improve and enhance the image of the construction industry.

Rather than developing a service that we think you want, we spend lots of time and effort asking you. It’s simple…

..We do not want to just listen to what you have to say, we want to act on what we hear.