Street Doctor

Street DoctorIf you were to straighten out all of the Northamptonshire roads and pavements and put them end to end you would be able to travel all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and then a bit further.

With such an extensive road network it is often members of the public who spot faults – like potholes, blocked drains and broken streetlights – before us. This is why we have Street Doctor : a service where you can report highways problems to us and we can guarantee that if you report it we will inspect it.

When it comes to deciding which faults to fix there is not an unlimited budget. We will proritise the faults that need fixing based upon the safety criteria and we will always aim to make best use of the money available.

How to report a fault

Whether it is a broken drain, a hazardous pavement or another highways faults you can report your problem to the Street Doctor in the following ways.

You can report by simply clicking …..Street Doctor

When you report the fault you will be asked to fill in a few details to help locate your problem. You will then receive a unique reference number which you can use to check the progress of your report.

Telephone Street Doctor:

0300 126 1000

Trained staff will take down your details and will let you know what you can expect to happen next. You can use this local rate number for all general highways enquiries. This is also the best number for highways emergencies.

Write to the Street Doctor:

Street Doctor
Northamptonshire County Council
2nd Floor
John Dryden House
8-10 The Lakes