Area Technicians


Senior Area Technician for Kettering and Daventry

My role consists of many different responsibilities, the main one being management of the continual improvements to the highways. This involves going on site and evaluating defects I find, raising works orders for the area Operatives so that they can carry out the appropriate repairs and ensuring that any member of public with an issue with the highways is dealt with professionally and efficiently. I also have other responsibilities which require me to work outside of my normal working hours, such a Winter Maintenance and out of hour’s emergency work.

The job can be a lot of hard work that can vary hugely. It takes someone who is comfortable with working hard and who is prepared to put in the extra effort if it is needed. Organisation is a key skill required as the workload is large and very diverse. You need to know how to prioritise work to ensure that the Highways are kept as safe as possible for the public.

You must also be incredibly flexible. An Area Technician works as the hub of the Area team. We have to understand and be aware of all aspects of the processes that are undertaken within our team. We also encounter a range of different problems whether they are to do with the highways, the public, materials and plant or our colleagues. You must be prepared to deal with whatever arises, and do so in an efficient and prompt manner, remembering that the safety of the public is the most important factor of the job. It also helps if you are laid back and have good interpersonal skills. You have to be able to deal with the public as well as supervising a varied workforce. A good understanding of people will help you a lot in this position.

These aspects of the job are what really makes it so exciting, interesting and challenging. No day is alike or boring, and you will always feel like you’re continually learning and developing.  All of the hard-working and determined people that work within our team really make the job enjoyable and very rewarding.