IMS Manager

There are really two parts to my job – the IMS and then the Ecology side. The IMS involves me ensuring that all parts of the business are captured, process mapped and then working with teams to improve their ways of working. The Ecology side involves being out and about carrying out surveys including – bat, badgers etc. This gives me a nice mixture and means I’m not stuck in the office all the time.

I was attracted to the post as it gave me  a chance to combine the IMS and Ecology together, which meant I had a mixture of work, and a chance to work inside and out.

My goal for KierWSP is carbon neutral contract! It would be great to do the works without impacting on the Environment but I know this may be some way off.

Worst bits

Site visits in the rain (I prefer to be a fair weather site visitor!).

Best bits

Being able to see my work making a difference, working in a great team!

What sort of person do you think you need to be to do your job

To do this role you need to be organised and passionate. The IMS takes a huge amount of organisation, the ecology side requires dedication (especially when spending hours walking through fields and cold rivers!).