Supply Chain

KierWSP’s Supply Chain Policy ensures that the company builds an integrated team capable of providing design, technical advice, and planning expertise, to deliver cost effective solutions – on time, within budget, and as safely as possible.

We aim to work with like minded businesses and management teams that work openly and who are passionate about delivering high quality services with committed people – businesses that are striving for excellence and continuous improvement.

By forging long-term relationships, many mutual advantages are gained. A clear understanding of both partners’ objectives and working practices leads to time and cost efficiencies and increased profitability.

Our aim is to:

  • Conduct business in an honest and open manner
  • Focus on needs and expectations of customers
  • Operate a programme of continual improvement, reducing whole life costs
  • Measure performance and set targets for continuous improvement
  • Exchange information – benchmarking
  • Work within a total team concept
  • Work in an ethical and sustainable manner

If you would like to be part of the KierWSP Supply Chain please complete the attached form and, if we have a requirement, we will get back to you to discuss how we might progress.    Supply Chain app

Letter from Alan Dinsdale – Operations Director:

The KierWSP Northamptonshire Contract is a great win and our supply chain is a substantial asset. Northamptonshire is one of the most prestigious County commissions and will be KierWSP’s flagship contract. An integrated supply chain is required for this to be achieved and I want to see a team that works, learns and develops together.

Our success is increasingly dependant upon the external sources that help us meet customer needs and deliver a service consistent with our strategy and values. An effective and efficient supply chain is therefore crucial to our future and to achieving our objectives.
It is a very exciting time and it is a great asset that the majority of our contractors are local and come with, not only, knowledge of the county but also knowledge of this commission.

We want to develop long term relationships and ensure that our core values are clear to all companies that we work with. My focus is to build a fully integrated team so that we have a common goal ensuring continuous improvement and innovation. If we are all open and honest the benefits will be seen in savings and customers who can see improved standards and productivity.Our aim is to coordinate the internal and external resources required by the KierWSP supply chain to meet NCC needs, in order to improve our long term profitability and that of you, our supply chain colleagues.