We work as part of the community, a neighbour who understands the local needs of people.

We recognise the important role we play within the community and are always looking at ways of improving. We want the community to enjoy the county in whatever they are doing and always feel safe when travelling.

Our aim is to deliver a service that takes the views and suggestions of the public into account and enhances their use of the County’s infrastructure.

We want to address the real day to day problems the public face with uneven roads and potholes rather than expenditure on major projects. By working closely with councilors and using local knowledge this contract will mean that that budget is used where it is most needed. KierWSP will work in partnership with the community, businesses and other public authorities to ensure the programmes are successful and make a real difference to people’s lives.

In the last year:

  • From 1st Jan 2008 to 31st Dec 2008, 26,279 calls were made to the Street Doctor line
  • Last year KierWSP replied to over 450 pieces of correspondence from the public
  • Our Communications Team issued over 100 press statements to the media last year
  • We surveyed more than 23,000 road users to gather their views on the network and our performance
  • We distributed 16,000 leaflets to motorists to raise awareness about driving safely throughout the winter
  • We have 31 gritter drivers who, this winter, will drive over 846,000 miles, 359 miles is the distance from Northampton to Edinburgh

Did you know that:

  • UK roads continue to be among the safest in the world. Despite carrying a third of all traffic, they only see approximately one eighth of accidents
  • We are responsible for over 4000km of roads and 3500km of footways
  • More than 151 billion vehicle kilometres of journeys take place on England’s network every year
  • KierWSP has over 200 employees. The majority of them are employed locally
  • There are 63,091 street lighting columns in the County along with around 9,500 illuminated signs and bollards
  • The policy is to change the lamps in street lighting lanterns every three years, which equates to over 21,000 lamps changed annually
  • Each lighting unit is inspected, at night, every four weeks by a driven inspection and when coupled with the faults reported to Street Doctor has historically generated between 16,000-18,000 fault repairs annually for lighting units, signs and bollards