Protecting the environment for future generations

KierWSP recognises the potential impact we may have on the environment through the work we carry out. Construction, maintenance, travel, procurement, energy usage and waste management all have potentially negative impacts associated with them.

KierWSP has identified all potential impacts our work and activities may have on the Environment and has control measures in place to effectively and positively manage these.

As well as managing our impacts, we are looking to proactively enhance the environment. Planting native trees and flowers, using sustainable materials, maintaining roadside nature reserves, creating wildlife habitats are just some of the ways we can help to promote a more positive environment,

By communicating the message to all staff that the Environment should be at the forefront when considering designing or constructing work, as a team we can make a difference to enhance and develop not only the global environment, but our local community as well, making it a more pleasant place for us all to live.