Some children think it is fun to play on building sites and areas where there is machinery like diggers and trucks. It is really dangerous to play here and you must never do it. You may get hurt or even killed.

There are many dangers on and around building sites, so many in fact that to really be safe all you have to remember is one rule

‘Never go on a building site or where there is machinery’

Here is a list of some of the dangers on a building site:

Large vehicles coming and going.

Sometimes they are so big that they may not see you until it’s too late! – So don’t go on a building site.

Building materials like bricks, pipes or sand.

You don’t know how safe they are. Bricks and pipes may collapse and fall on top of you, and sand could have glass or other sharp things hidden inside it! – So don’t go on a building site.

Vehicles on the site.

They may look like big toys, but they are extremely dangerous and can cause SERIOUS DAMAGE! – So don’t go on a building site.

Making sure our sites are safe

Here are our top safety tips.

  • Pits and manholes should be covered to prevent people falling into them.
  • Fences must be put around building sites and locked. Make sure you keep out.
  • To prevent them being knocked over easily, stacks of bricks and pipes or other building materials shouldn’t be stored in piles that are too high. Don’t climb on them.
  • Large building materials such as pipes should be left in a way that prevents them rolling or being moved easily and hurting someone. Don’t go near them.
  • Hard hats and reflective jackets should be worn on building sites to prevent injury and make workers clearly visible.
  • Vehicles should make a warning sound when reversing to alert people who have not been spotted by the driver.
  • Warning signs should be visible to alert people to the dangers on and around building sites. Make sure you keep out.
  • Temporary roadworks need to have barriers to alert people to any possible dangers.Keep away from them.