Walking and Cycling

Walking and cycling are not only excellent pastimes, they are also important methods of transport which are environmentally friendly, affordable, and can also help tackle traffic congestion. If more people choose to make their journeys by foot or by bike, this will have a positive impact on local pollution and congestion levels and on their own health.

Cycling and walking to school has a number of benefits and these are listed below.

  • Helping you to grow up healthy and independent
  • Walking with a grown up or a group of friends means being able to talk, instead of distracting Mum or Dad from their driving
  • It will give you the opportunity to develop practical road safety life skills which can help reduce the number of child casualties
  • A ten minute journey to and from school each day would be a third of your recommended activity level
  • Cycling and walking on short journeys, such as to and from school, can reduce the amount of traffic on the road, which will improve the air we breathe, reduce congestion and noise pollution and make the environment better

Tales of the Road

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