We want our suppliers to benefit from their relationship with us and believe they are more likely to do so if we really understand their needs, priorities and concerns. We want to make our relationship with them a trusted one and we aim to act with integrity at all times.

All of our suppliers are part of the KierWSP team. They do not work apart from us but as part of our company and we want them to hold the same values and want to be the best. Achieving this involves sourcing from many different areas but, where we can, when we are working on a contract we will look to work with local companies who understand the county and the needs of the local community.

We aim to assist suppliers in developing products and processes that continue to help both partners meet their objectives and to ensure long term relationships where possible.

We achieve this by:

  • finding good suppliers that share our values and, where possible, are locally located
  • monitoring performance to identify issues and being available to help to make improvements
  • addressing problems where they arise and learning from them
  • keeping suppliers up to date with better ways of working and innovations working with suppliers to reduce waste

Download the Supply Chain Application form here.