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Abandoned cars

Abnormal Loads If you need to arrange for an abnormal load to travel through the County please use the following contacts:

Abnormal due to weight of load, please contact northantsabload@kierwsp.co.uk

Abnormal due to width or height of load, please contact mail@northants.police.uk

Adopted highway

Is your street adopted?  Check our Highway Register via interactive mapping

If not yet adopted but built recently by a developer, there may be a Section 38 Agreement for the development to be adopted.  Copies of these can be provided for a fee

Section 38 agreements

Older unadopted roads are unlikely to be adopted unless they are brought up to current standards in all respects. This is not only in relation to current repair of the road, but also factors including road width, visibility where it joins the adopted network, pedestrian footway if appropriate.  

Asset management strategy

Benches/Bins/Bus Shelters/Noticeboards

Generally these are parish council owned/managed, for which a S50 licence is needed.

Apply for licence

Blue Badge Scheme



Bus timetables

Bus passes

Northampton BUZZ card

Community Transport


Bus stops are normally the responsibility of the operator to maintain

Bus shelters are normally the responsibility of the parish or town council to maintain

Closures & Diversions

To find out about existing and planned road works

To apply for a closure or diversion

Current or planned roadworks


Cycle CoNNect

Cycle routes

Definitive Map

Seasonal byway restrictions

Local Access Forum


Blue badge scheme

Parking outside your home

Dropped Kerbs for vehicle access


Report flooding on the highway

Report floods (non-highway)

Fly tipping


Gritting, grit bins & winter maintenance

Highway Drainage

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Highway Mirrors

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Insurance Claims

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Land charges and local searches

Litter, street sweeping, graffiti, dead animals

Lorries and HGVs

Plan a route avoiding weight limits & low bridges

Information about weight limit

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Information about lorry signing and parking

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Strategic Freight Network

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Major highway schemes

Managing the highway network

Northamptonshire Strategic Transport Model

Network Management Plan

Obstruction of driveway


Information on parking issues, and where restrictions may help

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Request form for new or changed restrictions, guidance notes on how we assess these requests

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 Permit parking scheme information sheet

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Map showing current enforceable parking restrictions (please note there can occasionally be some delay in newly enforceable restrictions being uploaded)

How to pay a parking fine, or appeal a parking fine. Blue badge scheme and other information.

Parking enforcement, where we enforce, what we enforce, and the Enforcement Protocol

Parking standards for new developments

Verge parking

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Pedestrian Crossings

[Also add link to attached leaflet ‘How to use Puffin Crossings’ as there is ongoing misunderstanding when upgrades happen]


Red Routes

Every road in Northamptonshire has been analysed based on collision data; 49 are categorised as Red Routes because of the number and severity of collisions in the past three years.  Red Routes are constantly monitored and reviewed annually using collision data for the most recent three years.

Work programmes

Rights of Way


Find out about current and planned roadworks

Scaffolding licence

Apply for licence

Seating outside Cafes

If you wish to apply to have seating outside your premises please contact Regulations@kierwsp.co.uk

Skip licences

Apply for a licence

Speed Limits

Street Lighting (including illuminated bollards and signs):

Most streetlighting, and all illuminated bollards and illuminated signs, are maintained by Balfour Beatty on behalf of the County Council.  In some places parish or town councils also manage local streetlighting.


Street name signs

Traffic Calming

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Traffic Lights

We maintain over 300 sets of traffic lights.  All are monitored remotely by computer, but if you wish to report a problem at any of them please use Streetdoctor

Report a fault

Trunk Roads & Motorways

These are managed by Highways England – M1, M45, A5, A14, A43 (M1-Oxfordshire boundary.


20mph Zones or speed limits

Trees, Hedges & Verges

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Utility Works

Apply to carry our roadworks contact nrswa@kierwsp.co.uk

How we manage Utility works, and other road works

Yellow Lines

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Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)