KierWSP do not want to just ‘do’ corporate responsibility because we should have to but because we are focused of getting the best out of our people and delivering the best to everyone we work for.

That means creating a culture that reflects our own responsibilities towards the environment and our communities, both in the way we operate as a business and how we work with our clients.


Sustainability is about managing environmental, social, and economic outcomes to deliver sustainable development on a day to day basis.  KierWSP’s aspiration is to address sustainability in everything we do. To achieve our aspiration, we have developed a Sustainability Policy. This policy commits us to actively managing our environmental and social impacts of our operations for the benefits of all our stakeholders and being an active and beneficial participant in the communities in which we operate

 To meet our commitments we:

  • Evaluate the sustainability risks and opportunities associated with projects.

  • Comply fully with applicable corporate, social, environmental, health and safety regulations.

  • Work with our key suppliers to improve the sustainability of our goods and services we buy. 

  • Respect and encourage our staff’ diversity and cultures and operate practices that attract and retain the best staff. This includes providing a workplace that is healthy and safe.  

  • Employ staff with sustainability expertise and provide staff sustainability training

In recognition of this we have achieved:

  • Green Apple Awards (years 2010 & 2011), recognising us for our commitment to protecting the environment

  • CIHT Sustainability Award, for our savings through Environmental Innovation

Understanding our carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced day-to-day through the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation.

There is an increasing need to be proactive in reducing our impact on the Environment through the activities carried out.

The reduction of carbon emissions takes into account many factors which all have the potential to have a negative impact on the Environment. Reducing energy consumed, waste produced, fuel used etc will all have a positive impact.

KierWSP recognises its environmental responsibilities and its potential to impact the environment. Realistic targets have been set in order to proactively manage our energy and fuel usage, and waste production. Carbon emissions will be monitored and managed to ensure that carbon reductions can be recorded year on year.

In our depots and offices

The offices and depots are central to the successful delivery of the contract and creating a safe environment for all staff. When considering the Environmental impacts of a contract, it is important to also look at aspects created closer to home, as well as the more obvious ones out on the network.

Energy use is monitored at the KierWSP locations and is managed through a database, usage can be compared week on week, month on month, year on year to develop trends and observe reductions. By raising awareness and educating staff through bulletins, toolbox talks, training and campaigns we hope to reduce the energy used.

With the reduction in available landfill sites, increased taxes, restrictions enforced on the remaining sites and increased Environmental awareness, there is a greater requirement for alternative disposal than ever before. Recycling is the obvious alternative, much more environmentally friendly and is fast becoming a more economical option. Reuse and recycling should always be considered above landfill. KierWSP monitors its waste production and disposal and recycling figures are reported monthly. The ultimate aim for KierWSP would be to recycle 100% of the waste produced.

Recycling our products at work and in the community

KierWSP is dedicated to recycling and reusing products wherever possible. We are currently recycling over 90% of our total waste produced, and are constantly looking at ways to increase this figure. All of the depots have been set up with recycling skips for construction waste, and all offices have paper, plastic, cardboard and can recycling bins. Our toner cartridges from the printers will be donated to charity for reuse.

Our aim is that by 2012 100% of KierWSP’s waste will be re-used or recycled, which will be achieved by working with suppliers to ensure that not only is waste minimised but any unavoidable waste is recyclable or able to be re-used in the future.