·       The severity of defects on the footway or carriageway is determined by the intervention levels which set out the minimum height of trip hazards for paving or the minimum depth across a pothole which require repair.

·       Defects are repaired depending on the extent of the defect and risk posed to the public. If a pothole is considered dangerous or paving poses a trip hazard it will be repaired within 24 hours however, in some cases the size and location of the pothole may mean that it is not necessary to fill it immediately.

·       The County also has a dedicated fault report line “Street Doctor” where members of the public can report potential defects.

·       The complaint is then passed to a KierWSP Community Steward to attend the site and action in accordance with the intervention levels which set out in the Highways Inspection Safety Manual.

·       Highway inspectors play an extremely important role within the team working to maintain the roads.  They are the eyes that are actually out on the ground identifying areas to be improved and ensuring the safety of the network is maintained for users of the network and the wider community.