The Maintenance Services segment is focused on the core markets of highways and utilities. Activities include highways maintenance under long-term partnerships with local authorities and network improvement and maintenance services provided to major UK utilities networks under long-term framework contracts.




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June 21, 2016


January Blum
Tyrone Foster


The Engineering and Project Services segment serves the public and regulated sector customers across a broad range of industries. Core services include the enhancement of road and rail infrastructure, waste management, flood protection, ground remediation, foundations, geotechnical engineering and building.


Our services


Highways services

  • Highways schemes

  • Traffic Scheme delivery

  • Structural engineering schemes

  • Horticultural work

  • Grass cutting

  • Winter maintenance

  • Gully and drainage cleansing

  • Bridge works

  • Emergency response


Corporate services

  • Policy and research

  • Preparing funding applications eg CIF, GAF etc

  • Producing strategic documents such as local transport plans

  • Asset management

  • Prioritisation of services to maximise value for money

  • Expert witness